Block Assembly Hall Regular blocks and cruised blocks are assembled on a panel line in a hall covering 2650 sqm. (h=25m) -Overhead crane 60+20 tones -Welding machines(FCAW,SAW,SMAW) -Grinding machines From now, steel cutting hall wasn’t built,that’s why steel cutting activities are done in the part of this hall.This hall has an annual steel processing capacity of 15.000 tones. Using: -Two units Protem HPR 260 CNC cutting machines on 8,5*40.000(m*m) CNC pulls. -An overhead crane 20+10 tones -Capacity of 10 tones magnetic lifting device Besides,this hall has 19*50(m*m) sqm,h:10m store area.It has an overhead crane 10 tones.Following days,making a plan to build 5 workshops on the right side of this hall.These workshops have 8*6(m*m) sqm,h:6m,mezanine at the middle of height.Purpose to build these workshops are piping,electricity,isolation,equipments of machinery and making equipments of deck.