HISTORY OF KOCATEPE SHIPYARD

 Following our father, we have started doing this craft in 1973, at Haliç-Ayvansaray, the first shipyard region in İstanbul. Subsequent to our business of this period, we have started our activities as sub-contractor firm in Tuzla/İstanbul, the new shipyard region since 1983. With the retirement of our father, we, two brothers have made cooperation and created Kocatepe Shipyard with the name of ”Kocatepe Gemi Çekek ve İnşaat Sanayi Ltd. Şti.” in 1993 and since then we’ve been constructing, maintaining and repairing ships for the Turkish and foreign ship-owners in Tuzla.

  Our shipyard was moved to Altınova/Yalova Shipyards Region in 2008.It keeps going the activities  in Altınova/Yalova Shipyards region under the name of “Kocatepe Denizcilik ve Gemi İnşa San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.” Moreover,we have a Central Office in Tuzla/İstanbul.Kocatepe Shipyard is situated on 52.000 m2.Its length is 370 m and its width from the sea-front is 140 m.Investments still continue in  Kocatepe Shipyard.


Shipyard Facilities :

New Building :   

 Building Area = 20500  m² / Slipway dimensions : 170 m x 50 m


Shipyard Equipments :

Cranes :

Capacity                       Type                                 Area and purpose

90 tons                         Mobile

50 tons                         Mobile

40 tons                         Mobile

70 tons                         Overhead                              Covered Area

30 tons                         Overhead                              Covered Area

5 tons                           Overhead                              Covered Area

7 tons                           Overhead                              Covered Area (for CNC-Optical cutting)

2 x 1,5 tons                  Overhead                              Covered Area (for Press operations)

5 x 5 tons                     Overhead                              Outdoor Area

 2 x 4 tons                     Overhead                              Covered Area


Workshops :



Covered Area = 2,750  m²




Ms = 600 tons, 8-meter breadth


2 off CNC cutting machines


Other workshops

Steel construction workshops

Electric workshop

Lathe shop




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